Advanced Materials Lab

Chemistry Department-Faculty of Science-Cairo University


Advanced Materials Lab (AML) is an academic research lab located at the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Since its beginning in the 1950s, AML has been leading research in the field of electrochemistry and its applications. Nowadays, the laboratory supports the research activities of 4 faculty members from the Chemistry Department and several other students from various research and industrial areas. Research in AML focuses on the intertwined goals of producing nanostructured materials by hydrothermal, self-assembly and electrochemical methods and using these nanoscale architectures in various applications. Within this framework, AML provides dynamic academic environment for a broad spectrum of scientific research areas including:

Our projects make an intimate relation of materials synthesis, characterization and their applications. As such, these are truly interdisciplinary projects. You are kindly invited to browse the website to read more on our research and group


 A group photo taken on the occasion of Nada Atta's Cairo University Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research, Cairo University, December 2010

last updated: August 20, 2012 

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