Ahmed Galal

Professor of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Dean of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Email: galalah1@yahoo.com

Ahmed Galal_Resume.pdf Ahmed Galal_Resume.pdf
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Nada Atta

Professor of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Email: nada_fah1@yahoo.com

Nada Atta_Resume.pdf Nada Atta_Resume.pdf
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Aboubakr Abdallah

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Email: Abubakr_2@yahoo.com

Aboubakr Abdullah_Resume.pdf Aboubakr Abdullah_Resume.pdf
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Shimaa Ali

Lecturer of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Ph.D. Project: Synthesis of nano-particles using microwave technique, the study of their physical properties and some applications.


Email: shimaa_muhmmad@yahoo.com

Shimaa Ali_Resume.pdf Shimaa Ali_Resume.pdf
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Graduate Students 

Ali Abdel-Mageed

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. 

Current Position: graduate student, Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, University of Ulm, Behm's Lab

Masters' Project: Molecular Recognition using imprinting, templating, and modeling of advanced films for sensing applications.

Hobbies: Chess, swimming and reading

Email: alichemist84@gmail.com

Hatem Amin

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

Masters' Project: Advanced nanostructured polymeric materials for energy conversion applications.

Hobbies: Football, Vollyball, listening to music and web navigation.

Email: hatem_chem85@yahoo.com

Resume_Hatem Amin.pdf Resume_Hatem Amin.pdf
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Ekram Hamdi

Assistant lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

PhD student, Gala's Lab and her current work is based on the preparation of various perovskitic materials for electrochemical sensing applications.

Masters' Project: Electrochemical sensor modified electrode for the detection of some biological compounds

Hobbies: walking, visiting archeological sites, meditation

Email: ekram_ads@hotmail.com


Ekram H. El-Ads CV.pdf Ekram H. El-Ads CV.pdf
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Hagar Khalil

Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

PhD student at Gala's Lab and her current work is based on the preparation of various graphene/nanocomposite materials  for applications in energy storage systems as supercapacitors.

Masters' Project: Surface modified electrode with graphene for catalytic and sensor applications.

Hobbies: Reading, walking, travelling and visiting ancient places

Email: hagar@sci.cu.edu.eg

Hagar Khalil_Resume.pdf Hagar Khalil_Resume.pdf
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Shereen Azab

Chemist, National Organization for Drug Control & Research (NODCAR), Ministry of Health

Ph.D. Project:


Email: sheryspecial@yahoo.com 

Marwa Alqutt

Drilling Fluids Engineer and Section-Head of the Drilling Fluids Engineering Department, AGIBA Petroleum Company.

Masters' Project: Improving the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces used in petroleum industry.

Hobbies: reading, writing poetry, web browsing.

Email: marwaalqutt@yahoo.com

Yassmin Shammakh

Teaching Assistant at MSA University

Masters' Project:


Email: yassmin_shammakh83@hotmail.com

Eman Fathy

Chemist, National Organization for Drug Control & Research (NODCAR), Ministry of Health

Ph.D. Project:



Mona Mohamed

chemist in the National Institute for Standards (NIS)

Masters' Project: synthesis and characterization of conducting polymer coated textiles.

Hobbies: reading, music, social activities

Email: mona41133@yahoo.com

Mona Mohamed_Resume.pdf Mona Mohamed_Resume.pdf
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Yasser Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman

Quality, Safety, Healt and Environment (QHSE) Superintendent

Masters' Project: Characterization and some applications of nano-inorganic oxides synthesized by microwave technique.


Email: yasser_chem2004@yahoo.com

Asmaa Mostafa

Chemistry (IGSCE) teacher

Masters' Project: Corrosion inhibition effects of some organic compounds on the corrosion behavior of the functionalized carbon steel.


Email: asmaa_sc74@yahoo.com

Asmaa Mostafa_Resume.pdf Asmaa Mostafa_Resume.pdf
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Yasser Abd Elaal

chemist in Abu Zaabal company for speciality chemicals (Factory F18)

Masters' Project: Synthesis of organic compounds as corrosion inhibitors

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies on computer


Mohamed Abdeldayme

Teacher of Science and Physics at a High School

Masters' Project:



Salaheldin Selim

Researcher at Science & Technology Center of Excellence-Ministry of Military Production

Masters' Project: Synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials modified by nano-particles

Hobbies: Reading in organic chemistry and politics

Email: salah_selim82@yahoo.com


Maher El-Kady

Current position: graduate student, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Kaner Lab

Masters' Project: Electrochemical sensor modified electrode based on hybrid technology between conducting polymers and nano-structured materials.

Hobbies: Football, tourism, chess, islamic studies and Photography

Email: mcu04@yahoo.com

Rasha Ahmed 

Forensic Chemistry Laboratories, Medico Legal Department, Ministry of Justice

Ph.D. Project: an electrochemical biosensor based on the electrostatic properties of anionic surfactant on polymeric surface for the determination of some neurotransmittter compounds and drugs

Year graduated: 2011

Email: rashaauf@yahoo.com

Sayed Khalil

AGIBA Petroleum Company

Masters' Project: Improvement of the electrochemical determination of some drugs at surface modified electrodes.

Year graduated: 2008

Email: s_khalil1@hotmail.com

Hany Issa

Masters' Project: Physico-chemical studies on some electrochemically prepared organic polymers.

Year graduated: 2008

Email: mail.to.hany@gmail.com  

Mohamed Farouk

Masters' Project: Electropolymerization and characterization of conducting polymers over active solid surfaces.

Year graduated: 2008

Email: entropyguy2002@yahoo.com

Fatma Balhay

International student, from United Arab Emirates

Ph.D. Project: Characterization and catalytic properties of composite polymeric materials.

Year graduated: 2007

Email: dorah20003@hotmail.com   

Ahmed Elzatahry

Current position: Assistant Professor at Adanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute (ATNMRI), Mubarak City for Scientific and Technology Applications (MuCSAT), click here

Email: a.elzatahry2@mucsat.sci.eg

Mohamed Mohyeldin

Current position: associate professor at Advanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute (ATNMRI), Mubarak City for Scientific and Technology Applications (MuCSAT), click here

Email: m.mohyeldin@mucsat.sci.eg

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